Swapping Homes Anybody?


Monday, December 28, 2015

Happy New Year - Happy New Swaps!

The old year isn't quite over yet and the new season of Intrepid Home Swapping has already begun.
We had a winner for the free membership, David S., who will put his house in Turkey on the company's registry.

We're after signing two agreements with two German families. Yep, off to the fatherland again. After all it's my home country and we're enjoying it every time. The first exchange will be in Berlin, a maisonette with air condition! An absolute rare gem in Germany. Then we will "take the waters" again in Baden-Baden, a very high -end spa resort, with a casino and thermal baths in the most scenic area in the south west close to the French border. We already arranged to go and visit this summer's exchange partners again in Alsace.

Still not convinced about home swapping.Maybe one of my travelogues will hook you.Here's my latest, Season 5:

Monday, December 14, 2015

Try it out for free!

If you've followed my blog, you know that we are home  swapping enthusiasts. Even more so since hubby retired and we're living on a fixed budget. It makes perfect sense to swap homes to save a big chunk of money on accommodation AND a re rental car.
Season Six is upon us. For weeks I've been perusing the suite we have subscribed to for 5 years and I added another one for more choices. It works on the same basis and we were offered a special deal: a third of the annual premium = $49.
First I thought it was too early to start looking in September, but no, some members had made arrangements already. As soon as Europeans know when they will be on vacation in the following year, they tend to start thinking and booking. (These school holiday weeks vary from state to state in Germany each year.) In France, it's a given that they will want to travel in August. Same with Italy, but I haven't had any luck there yet even getting  the usual number of responses. Some people are just too busy...or lackadaisical?
We have two prospects now where contracts are under way, both to Germany: Berlin and my favorite region in the south west near Baden-Baden, close to the French border.

                                                            (Casino in Baden-Baden)

The new company I signed up with is offering a free membership for a year to test home swapping. That is a value of ca. $129! I'm offering it to people who are seriously interested in this ideal way of traveling.Offer only lasts till the end of this week. Contact me at Hernibs1@comcast.net and you are in business!
Happy Travels!