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Monday, March 5, 2012


So we've signed the contract for our next exchange in July. The company we're using and where we are members calls it "exchange agreement". There are two sides to the agreement, ie. each exchange partner lists the names of the visitors and contact details. This is also the place where relevant insurance details are listed about the cars that are going to be swapped-- if you want that part of the deal.   
Only these people are allowed to stay--unless otherwise stated. E.g. I always mention that I may have my children stay the odd day while we are there. Otherwise people could be inclined to run a B&B, have wild parties, or come with a gang of 8 family member, I suppose.
Under special arrangements we list that the other party will be responsible for using our Pay TV option. After last year's experience where the French had run up a bill of almost $80 I can only advise you to include that in your agreement. In all fairness, this bill was paid without any quibble. Well, after all they had agreed to it in advance. How feasible it is to enforce any financial arrangement between two countries that are so far away and have different jurisdictions I can't even start to imagine.
The only recourse I can see is to complain to the organizing website and approach them as a mediator. The is a special process that can be invoked...if it comes to that, an official complaint.
This agreement is also made online. Each partner has the chance of making changes and then the agreement is signed electronically.
"By signing this agreement you are acknowledging that you accept the conditions and understand that the cancellation of an exchange, once an agreement has been signed, is a serious matter and may lead to exclusion from further participation in a ...exchange."
Sounds reasonable? I left out the name of the company on purpose. It is available upon request.

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