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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Time to Move the Show down the Road

We were in transit for 2 days, not that far a journey really, but just packing and loading our four  Big Bertha's or--as my French friend Annie calls them enormes valises--into the car. Of course, we just got lucky while parking briefly in front of the house, that we got a ticket for not displaying our permit to park there...and against the flow of the traffic on top of that your man from the friendly traffic police explained. Once the car registration is entered into the system, there is nothing he  can do. My charming days must be over because I have run out into the street in alarm but not fully clad. It didn't sway him.
Next step: Take our exchanged car back to Duesseldorf airport so that they find it upon their arrival.Get rental car to drive to Amsterdam, ca. 2-3 hours.No problem.Except we always need BIG Cars and in this case we had to haul everything from one to the other in an airport car park.
We ended up getting a Spanish car SEAT 'Alhambra" from Sixt that had a French registration plate in Germany to drive to Holland, we that is my American hubby and I, the German gone Irish0-American.
One piece of advice:Whenever you pick up a rental, make sure they show you the car and point out possible pre-existing scratches. I went around it by myself and had a good look, but saw no danmages. Next to us a young guy took pictures of his new  pick-up and we commented that we had nothing to photograph.
We were in for a surprise when we returned it. The Amsterdam airport Sixt employee found the minutest flaw and filed a complaint which we now have to contest.
After our arrival here, a flurry of sms messages wnet across th eAtlantic. Our swappers notified us with the location where they had parked our car and I copied it and sent it onto the Dutch exchnagers who would arrive any minute and start looking for our car in order to go to our house. Everthing went smoothly.
We all had a roof over our heads at the end of the day:We in Amsterdam, the Dutch in our house and the Bad Honnefers on a plane back to Germany.
 The only windmill we saw so far!

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