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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Trip to Delft

Known for its delicate blue and white china, pottery and porcelain, Delft is another cute little Dutch town with an old town center you need to see when you're over here.Only 45 km away, we made a spontaneous decision after the rains had stopped and reached it within half an hour. The Netherlands in its entirety is really within easy reach. It has two interesting museums: the Prinsenhof and the Vermeer museum. Hubby and I like to wander through a town, experience the atmosphere, get a feel for its people and observe often while sitting in a street cafe.
 Holland  refers to a province on its west coast and is often used as a pars pro toto for the official term, the Netherlands.the A small country of only 16 million inhabitants, it covers 2,119 sq mi and is closest in size to Maryland. CA is about 11 times the size of the Netherlands.

City hall in the old market square      
I found another interesting list of comparisons for your information:

If Netherlands were your home instead of The United States you would...

have 46.24% more chance at being employed !
live 1.31 years longer

An amazing phenomenon is that really every Dutch speaks fluent English; in restaurants and trendy shops anyway, but also the unsuspecting old guy at the bus stop whom we asked for directions or a sales assistant in a local DIY store where we asked for a spider spray.
Why has Holland so many spiders? We encountered that problem already last year on the houseboat.I've never seen that many; thankfully not even in Florida!Well, explained the salesman, Holland has a lot of water whch attracts a lot of mosquitoes. For that, nature created a balance by having enough spiders to eat them.
By the way, you need a special permit for such an insecticide!

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