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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Why Do a Home Swap?

So the reason for swapping homes is a financial one; but not exclusively. We find it more relaxing to have a well equipped house with all the mod-cons that we're used to at our disposal than just a hotel room or a smallish vacation rental in a touristy area. We like to live like the locals. To shop where they shop, to eat out and find restaurants that we otherwise wouldn't have found. To get insider tips of places we otherwise would never have spotted.

Where do you find people to swap with and do you know them? we're constantly asked.
If you google "home swaps" or "house exchanges" , various companies will come up. Take your pick. The cost roughly the same membership fees unless you can join a super-high-end outfit dealing in luxurious villas; if you have such a home yourself.

Then the procedure is similar to that of  a dating agency. In fact, I have compared these two searches before: In both cases you are looking for a potentially acceptable partner. The listings show pictures of the object you want to swap. You describe what you have to offer and what you are looking for.
Start off with a certain region of the world that interests you. How many members live in that country? It varies from company to company. If you can agree on a time where you both want to travel, you are one step closer to vacation haven! Most offers include a car deal, i.e. a car swap is offered. Isn't it marvelous to have a car waiting when you arrive and not spend major fees on rentals?
A contract or exchange agreement seals and binds the arrangement.

The search process can be lengthy or quick, just a matter of luck sometimes...just like in the dating business. And other than the one off membership fee that entitles you to use their database for a year as often as you like there are no other costs involved. An umbrella insurance to cover your back for all eventualities is advisable.

Some agencies specialize in seniors for obvious reasons: They typically have more time, prefer longer stays, no children if you don't want a family with children to visit your house. Every step of the way you have a choice and some say in who you commit to.

It shows that I was a matchmaker, doesn't it? Well, I'm the author of www.NextTimeLucky.com.

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