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Friday, May 18, 2018

Cruise or Home Swaps?

Talked today with a shop assistant about Home Swapping - as I do given the chance. This young lady was well traveled, had in fact seen a lot of hotspots in Europe thanks to her mother who took her on cruises every year. That's the way to go if you have somebody paying for it!
Cruises are not my idea of fun: too many people on too confined a space all out for a good time with all you can eat and drink for free... That's not me. I would consider it, maybe, if I didn't get seasick the minute a ship leaves the shelter of a harbor. My experience with big ships is with Irish, French, or British ferries in and around the Irish Sea and over to France that hold hundreds of cars and trucks plus thousands of passengers. Contrary to popular belief, European ships of that size do have stabilizers as well! So I needn't try any of the cruises that are so beloved by Americans here. Maybe a River Cruise on the Rhine..., however.
It's just my delicate constitution that induces motion-sickness in me just while watching somebody in a hammock or rocking chair.
                                               Image result for motion sickness
Like so many people who hear about houses swapping, this young lady was quite taken by the idea. I gave hr my card to read up on the topic on my blog and also mentioned my little eBook for just $0.99 on Homeswapping on Amazon. I often wonder how many will pursue the idea and try it for themselves.

Our preparations are going according to plan although the recent thunderstorms of last week tempered our projects outside. On the inside, however, I purchased new towels and bed sheets.  Nothing like a fresh look. The cleaner has also been booked for the times we need her on our departure date to get the house ready for our first exchange partners, then again for the change over to the next arrivals and for our arrival date back after the German family has left. It all takes a bit of organizing you you do two swaps or more in a row. But it's so worth it!

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