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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Don't overprepare

We now have our thousand pictures organized and I can pull out a few examples for my claim that the house was substandard. One of the home swap rules is to leave closet and drawer space for your exchange partner. We had moved our stuff out of each bedroom to a great degree. This was the only closet space (in pic on the right) we had in a five-bedroom house. My handy husband bought a shower curtain pole and stuck it in a door frame to create hanging space where there was clearly none. They hadn't even emptied their trash cans...no where...they were all overflowing and the kitchen one was ...ripe. The blue wall paper came peeling down in many places, or the white one too. Or look at the frazzled runner. Who cuts a rug like that? The most off putting for me was the mold and grime in the shower that we shared for 10 days with my in-laws. Or the black mold on the ceiling in the master bedroom.Hubby swears the black on the window frames wasn't mold only lack of paint...Ahem...Whatever.It lacked attention.
We had brought our house in order, painted and repaired minor things so that we left it in prime condition.Advice # 6: Do a little of that but wait for major painting or repairing jobs for when you come back.
From the standpoint of a much neater and better houses, the German house owner had said:It is what it is. I guess so. But when it's in this condition?

Competition: The first reader who can send me the answer to this question will get a copy of my novel Next Time Lucky: Confessions of a Dating Guru and also a copy of this blog when it comes out on Kindle.
What purpose does the outdoor structure in the picture on the right serve? Be precise, please.

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