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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Auf Wiedersehen, Berlin!

 Bildergebnis für berlin     Bundestag /Government buildings
Every good thing comes to an end...and we have to say good-bye to our adopted Berlin home after 3 weeks. Since i also made a side trip to my old haunts (Heimat) in Ireland in the meantime, time really sped by fast. I will repost about that briefly here. It was not a home exchange.
Hubby and I had a wonderful time. The flat was exactly as described,  nicely appointed and well-kept. Our watering of all their window boxes not too much bother. We enjoyed the location and can highly recommend it for anybody considering going to visit Berlin.
At the end of a home swap, people exchnage a review which I will do shortly. We sometimes keep in touch with our exchnage partners. I talked about it recently on Facebook (Intrepidhomeswappers) when one Sunday afternoon we met up with a couple who have become our friends. We had an exchange with the in the Stuttgart area three years ago. Elisabeth is her name and she created her on website for prospective swapping partners to check out the area where they live in detail, what they have to offer and see many photos. It is called Home Exchange Germany on Facebook.
 (BTW she also published her first book, although in Germany).
We learned from our Berlin partners that they are off to Spain in August for another exchnage and will be in the Washington area in October on yet another one.Traveling can be so cheap when you  do home swaps!

Tip of the day comes from hubby: When you go to Europe or Germany in particular, you will need adapters to connect you to the German round 2-prong-system. Do bring enough extension cables so that you have enough power points for all your electrical needs, be that smartphones, iPads, laptops, shavers etc. He also travels with a long Ethernet cable in case we get a shoddy Internet connection. Today I learned he also has a HDMI cable which will hook us up to our Netflix subscription at home on a German TV--just for a rainy day...

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