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Monday, July 18, 2016

Moving on

In the meantime we have moved on to the south of Germany, a state called Baden-Wuerttemberg, where the famous spa resort Baden-Baden is located. We did a home swap in this area before a couple of years ago; we came back because we like it so much.

Other big towns in the area are Karlsruhe, Freiburg, and Stuttgart where we like to vacation as well. If you look at a map, the mountains and its proximity to the Rhine valley, make it very popular. It has the mildest climate in all of Germany. In the days of climate change it can be a bit much. Germany is experiencing its 3rd heat weave since we've been here. As practically no private house here as AC, we came prepared and had bought and delivered an indoor portable fan to our first address in Berlin.
We took the route from Berlin south via Leipzig and then Bayreuth where we overnighted. Not to be mixed up with Beirut ( as some relatives wrongly understood), we went to the well-known Richard Wagner city in Bavaria, where the famous opera festival is held every year between the end of July and end of August since  1876.

We went for the grave of Franz Liszt which happened to be on the cemetery close to our hotel - which was not air-conditioned either.
To my surprise I also stumbled across a big mausoleum of a name sake of mine,  my maiden name that is. Never knew I had relatives in the south. On TV I spotted an advertisement of ancestry.de; something to explore...
We're spending 3 weeks in this little picturesque town. I posted a few pics on Facebook already. more to come. The house is very big with a wonderful yard. Quiet and safe. We see little 1st grader come home from school on their bikes with their parents or with a pal, peddling along proudly, safety hats on and their school bags on their backs.

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